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Brightex LED | Providing Safe, Reliable and Affordable LED Floodlights

LED lighting can add an additional touch of security to your property. Brightex LED provides you with a wide range of floodlights, which can make your home a safe space.  Focusing on the quality, Brightex LED certifies the delivery of high-quality floodlights that are meticulously engineered for indoor and outdoor usage. Our diverse series of lighting solutions include the following:

LED Floodlight with sensor

Brightex LED extends a range of PIR (Passive Infrared sensor) floodlights, which are activated by movement. These lights only illuminate when necessary. PIR floodlights are perfect for residential, as well as commercial buildings. As they come with a sensor that detects movement, they give an intruder warning, so you can take the next appropriate step. Browse through the vast range of floodlights at Brightex LED to increase the safety of your property.

High-quality Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Brightex LED aims to present a complete lighting solution. Therefore, we extend both indoor and outdoor floodlights to cater to your individual needs. The outdoor floodlights are manufactured with consideration of the weather conditions. These lights are extremely robust, durable and completely safe for installation and use. You can install these fixtures in your garden, parking garage, courtyard, or even outside the office space.

LED Floodlights with Remote Control

Brightex LED extends a wide range of LED floodlights, which can be operated with remote control. The fixtures are available in a variety of sizes, colour temperatures, as well as power consumption. You can go through the options to pick out the ideal fixture for yourself. However, if you want a professional opinion, communicate your concerns to our customer service representative via the live chat.

LED Floodlights | The Resourceful Illuminator

LED Floodlights have multiple usages, which is why they are considered as the ‘resourceful illuminators.’  Brightex LED’s floodlights can be installed on the following premises.

Indoors- Although floodlights are typically used outside, you can also install this fixture inside a commercial building or a house. Floodlights can complement the industrious design aesthetic, while simultaneously providing a balanced disbursement of light.

Gardens- Gardens are the most ideal places for remote-controlled or PIR floodlights. In addition to brightening up the place, the light fixtures can also be used to add additional security to the property.

Parking Garage/ Driveway– Floodlights can make the walk to the car much safer, especially during the evening time. Additionally, as they are quite affordable, you do not have to worry about hiking up the cost.

If you have any query or concern, feel free to contact our customer service representatives. You can reach us through the live chat, call or email.