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Brightex LED | A Professional’s Guide For Downlight Installation

Before installing ceiling downlights, the professionals a Brightex LED  provide you with the ensuing recommendations:

Fire-rated ceilings:

Newly constructed buildings have fire-rated ceilings. Fire-rated ceilings refer to the time the ceiling can withstand fire coming from the above floor. If you have recessed lighting, the safety can be compromised. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain the ceiling’s fire ratings before installing down lights. With that said, there are some recessed down lights that can maintain a ceiling’s fire rating after a professional installation. You can talk to our professionals, via live chat, phone or email, to inquire about these lights.

The positioning of the lights:

Once the down lights are fixed into place, changing their position can be extremely difficult. Considering this, you must decide the position and the layout before installing the lights in place. Although the distance between the fixtures can depend on your personal preference and ceiling height, the experts at Brightex LED recommend a 1 -2 m gap.

The number of lights:

Recessed down lights are usually installed in a bunch. With that said, installing a large number of lights can result in harsh illumination. Taking this into consideration, it is essential to get an expert opinion on the number of lights you will require, depending on the size of the room. You can seek assistance from our friendly customer service representatives.

Consider the height of the ceiling:

The number of lights, as well as the positioning, depends upon the height of the ceiling. On higher ceilings, the lights are dispersed evenly, whereas, in lower ceilings, the lights are placed closely together to create focused beams. Considering this, recessed down lights provide an even distribution in rooms with higher ceilings, while creating a moody ambiance in rooms with low ceilings.

If you have any additional queries about down lights, contact Brightex LED today! You can reach us through our live chat, or via phone call or email.