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Filament Bulbs With LED Technology | Traditional Designs, Contemporary Function

By inventing the incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison fired up the electronic revolution. Since then, a series of advancement has been observed in the creation of light fixtures, however, the nostalgic feeling brought by the filament bulbs is still matchless.

Considering this, Brightex LED presents a series of Filament bulbs with LED technology. As our traditional bulbs are modernised with LED technology, they acquire a low-energy consumption, are long-lasting, and have a high-switching resilience.

Filament light bulbs are created using a string of LEDs. This means, when the bulb heats up, the glass bowl is filled with gas. However, due to the LED technology, there is no requirement for a cooling apparatus.

Due to this convenience, Brightex LED is able to provide filament light bulbs at affordable prices. Our light fixtures are created by keeping the rich tradition in mind, while simultaneously focusing on delivering an improved function.  At Brightex LED, you can find a wide variety of filament LED bulbs-which are dimmable as well. We offer:

  • The traditional light bulb with LED technology
  • Candle shaped light bulb with LED technology
  • Curved-surface light bulb with LED technology
  • Bent tip light bulb with LED technology
  • Pear-shaped light bulb with LED technology
  • Vertical tube light bulb with LED technology
  • Textured-surface filament light bulb with LED technology
  • Other shapes and textures

Brightex LED | High-Quality, Low Prices

Brightex LED presents a diverse range of lights and lighting solutions, at affordable rates. With that said, the quality of our products is never compromised. We present a range of dimmable, filament LED bulbs, which can be adjusted to suit your mood. Additionally, you have the option to select the light’s color temperature to complement the interior of your property.

Filament bulbs are perfect for restaurants, hotels and even hospitals. Additionally, depending on the design, LED-based filament light bulbs can be placed in the loo of a residential or commercial building. You can also extend filament bulbs over a kitchen island to play off of an industrial design aesthetic.

The greatest advantage of these light fixtures is that they channel a nostalgic aesthetic while blessing you with the numerous benefits of modern technology.

If you want to buy filament bulb lights in the UK, place an order at Brightex LED today! However, if you are looking for guidance from professionals, feel free to chat with our customer service agents. We offer multiple mediums of communication, including a live chat, call, or email.