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Brightex LED | Sophisticated Lighting for Domestic and Commercial Spaces

Recessed panel lights cultivate a sleek home or office setting. Due to their contemporary design, recessed lights can be seamlessly integrated into the ceilings to deliver an evenly distributed illumination. Unlike traditional light fixtures, the surface-mounted LED panel lights are arranged in a clear and precise ceiling line, which gives an illusion of a spacious environment.

At Brightex LED, you can browse through a wide range of panel LED lights, including round-recessed lights, round-surface panel lights, square-recessed lights and square-surface light panels with LED technology.

Contemporary Designs, Contemporary Lighting | Browse Through Our Wide Range of Modern Panel Lighting Solutions

The present-day interior design trends focus on two cardinal elements- minimalism and functionality. Brightex LED extends a diverse variety of panel lighting to complement your interior designs. As we use LED technology, our ceiling lights bring distinctive advantages:

Sleek and modern designs- LED panels are engineered with a thin profile, which makes them extremely compact. Essentially, the flat, sleek panels are flawlessly enclosed in the ceilings to provide a polished aesthetic. The minimalistic design of LED light panels occupies a small amount of space, which in turn,  makes the room appear bigger.

A uniform distribution of light–  Recessed light panels provide a balanced distribution of light. As they are fixed on the ceiling, the entire space is illuminated evenly. As a result, the lighting creates a gentle and sophisticated environment.

A variety of designs- Brightex LED offers built-in and surface-mounted panel lights.  While the former is integrated into the ceiling, the latter is attached on to it. However, the results of both fixtures are quite similar, so you can install any fixture without compromising the design.

If you wish to learn about the panel LED light price, contact the amicable teams at Brightex LED. You can reach us through a live chat, phone call, or via email.