Strip Lights

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LED lights can truly illuminate a room. Contemporary homes play with the lighting to complement the design aesthetic of the space. In interior design, one of the most used light fixtures includes strip lights or LED tape lights. The LED strip lights come with an adjustable circuit board, which is inhabited by surface-mounted light-emitting diodes, along with other components. LED strip lights often come with adhesive backing, which makes them convenient and easy to install. These lights have multiple uses. Indoors, you can use them as accent lighting, backlighting, task lighting, or even as decorative lighting applications. However, Brightex LED also presents you with waterproof LED strip lights in the UK, which can essentially be used in the outdoor regions of the property.

Strip Lights |  The Design Element That Makes A Statement!

Strip lights come with multiple uses. Brightex LED provides you with lighting products that add beauty to the interior and exterior of your property.

Using Strip lights as an Ornament

Striplights have the ability to enhance any feature. You can use this lighting solution to elevate a certain structure of a residential or commercial building. However, due to its simple application, the uses of tape lights are limitless. You can install them underneath the car’s dashboard, or attach them to your bike, so your vehicles can reflect your captivating personality.

Using Strip Lights to Create a Feature Wall

Brightex LED provides a variety of taped lights in different colors and sizes. These lights can be strategically applied on the wall, to create a feature backdrop at a residential or commercial building. If you want to build an illuminated wall that demands attention, invest in our wide variety of strip lights.

Using Strip Lights to Beautify The Outdoors

At Brightex LED, our primary objective is to provide you with limitless lighting solutions. Therefore, we extend a range of waterproof strip lights, which can be ideal for the garden or outdoor regions. You can strategically apply them on the trees, or you can line up the lighting chord alongside a deck. The possibilities are endless!

Using Strip Lights on The Staircase

Interior designers commonly use strip lights on staircases to make a grand impression. If you are looking for strip lights for a commercial building, check out the variety at Brightex LED. All our product are listed at an affordable rate, therefore, you can benefit from our economical prices.

If you have any questions or concerns about acquiring or using LED strip lights in the UK, get in touch with our customer service agents. You can contact us through a live chat, phone, or email.