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36w led panel light

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The right lighting can either make or break the atmosphere of any room. This is why it’s important to select the proper lighting that will fulfill both aesthetic and functional purposes. 

Among the popular choices  is 36w led panel light, which is efficient yet versatile. 

In this article, we will discuss at length the features of 36w led panel light, so that you can make an informed choice.

Understanding led panel 36w

What is a 36w led panel light?

36w led panel light

This is a kind of flat light fixture which uses thirty six watts of electric power. 

They illuminate uniformly by using diodes made from gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP), making them suitable for residential as well as commercial areas. Thinness in design gives out trendy appearances that blend with various decorations in homes.

Common Uses for led panel 36w

In different situations, these panels would be used starting with offices up to indoors where people live in modern styles. 

They are most suited to places like boardrooms, kitchens and retail spaces where one needs clear consistent illumination.

Technical Specifications

36w led panel light
  • Power Consumption

The amount of electrical power that is used by the panel is what determines its rating of 36 watts. 

Contrasted with traditional lighting products, LEDs have high energy efficiency levels and a led panel 36w offers considerable illumination output while consuming low power.

  • Luminous Flux

Luminous flux is measured in lumens and shows how much visible light can be emitted by a given panel. 

A typical panel rated at thirty six watts emits between three thousand six hundred and four thousand lumens; this makes it ideal for large to medium sized regions needing strong sources of light.

  • Color Temperature

LED panel color temperature may vary thus changing the appearance of such light. The unit used for measuring it is Kelvin (K). There’s warm light (around 2700K-3000K) that creates cozy moods while cool white lights (4000K-5000K) are better for areas where tasks are to be done since they make the environment look bright and clear.

  • Dimensions and Shape

Most commonly, led panel 36w is rectangular or square. Standard dimensions may include: 600×600 mm or 1200×300 mm among others. The flexure of the installation space should thus direct one on the size to go for.

Installation Types

36w led panel light
  1. surface mounted led panel lights

This type does not require any recessed holes as they can be mounted directly onto the ceiling or a wall surface, making them simpler to install compared to other options. The room will also have an elegant appearance with this sleek design.

  1. Recessed LED Panels

Recessed LED panels give a clean flush finish when installed in a ceiling cavity. It is perfect if you prefer it for office setups, in modern housing units. However, installing them would require more elaborate work than just surface mounting does.

Advantages of 36w led panel light

  1. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the major benefits that come with using 36w led panel light. 

In comparison to traditional bulbs, they consume less electricity resulting in lower energy costs. Moreover, these LEDs save costs over time especially in commercial spaces where lighting is required throughout.

  1. Longevity

LED panels last longer than incandescent or fluorescent lights. Therefore, it is not necessary to change such panes frequently because it can go up to fifty thousand hours (25,000 – 50,000).

Applications of 36w led panel light

  • Residential

These panels are also used in residential areas such as living rooms, kitchens and hallways. They provide a bright balanced light for improving the visual appeal of the room.

  • Commercial

This means that they are well-suited to offices, retail stores and conference rooms where people work. It should be bright enough for efficient working and pleasant customer experience.

  • Industrial

They can also be installed in warehouses and factories where there is need of a strong reliable light to ensure safety and efficiency.

How to choose the right 36w led panel light?

  1. Consider Your Space

Think about the size of your room while deciding on a 36w led panel light.. In some cases, it may require more than one panel for uniform distribution of lighting in large rooms.

  1. Evaluate Brightness Requirements

The kind of room determines how much brightness is required. Workspaces may need brighter lights compared to a family sitting area with its preference for softer glows.

  1. Check Compatibility

It is essential to ensure that your panel matches your current electrical wiring as well as architectural design by considering factors such as voltage requirements and mounting options.


In conclusion, the 36w led panel light is a highly versatile energy efficient lighting source suitable for different environments. 

Compared to traditional lighting options, this illuminates brightly while consuming less power during operation thus providing numerous benefits including durability. 

Whether you want better home office illumination or industrial space improvement, go with the exclusive choice- led panel 36w

By looking at things like installation type, brightness levels and compatibility with existing setups you can ensure that the right led panel 36w suits your needs perfectly when it comes to lighting. Additionally, its eco-friendly nature together with its sleek design makes it one among the most favored modern lighting solution providers around.

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